Transport – Weddings/Celebrations

Don’t you know how your wedding and party guests get home? 

We will take care of your relatives and other wedding guests so you can enjoy this day without any charges and arrangements. Whether they go home or to the hotel, we will transport them wherever they need.


So here WE are!

  • We will transport your guests home safely and with a smile.

  • To order our car, just write us a week in advance.

  • We always search for the shortest way.

  • Always safely with us.

Price list

1)  50 - 100  km                1600  ,-CZK

2)  100 - 200  km            2200 ,-CZK

3)  200 - 400  km           3000 ,-CZK

4)  400 - 600   km          3500,- CZK

  • It is calculated from the arrival of the car at the first listed place.

  • We are at your disposal at the place all evening long.

  • We do not count waiting time, nor boarding tariff.

  • We do not charge any additional fees to our prices!!!