Transport to/from Airport

Going on holiday? Trip? Traveling abroad? And don’t you know how to get to the airport as best and safely as possible? Don’t you trust airport carparks and are you afraid to leave your car parked in a place you don’t know for several days? Regardless of parking fees? And is the use of taxi services unacceptable because of their too-high tariffs for you as well as for most of the passengers?


  • Transport to the airports in Ostrava, Katowice, Krakow, Wroclaw, Vienna, Bratislava, Brno or Prague for unrivalled low prices – see the price list below.

  • We try our best to accommodate our customers, thus you can use the free internet connection in cares, so you can reply to emails, read the world news or chat with friends without any problem while being on the way.

  • We will take you to the airport directly!

  • It is best to place an order of transfer to the airport at least one day in advance.

  • One of our professional and trained drivers will always accompany you on your journey to experience within the transport to the airport. You will get safely exactly wherever you need to be.

  • As a bonus, we offer you the unloading of your luggage and bringing them directly to the airport hall for free.

  • So do not hesitate and contact us! We will be happy to adapt to your requirements.       

  • Gift for free: still water.

  • The special offer also applies to transport from the airport.

You don't have to deal with this!

Price list

  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings -  Mošnov Leoše Janáčka Airport     500 - 600,- CZK


  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings -  Katowice Pyrzowice Airport                      1200,- CZK

  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings -  Krakow - J. Paul II Airport                           1800,- CZK

  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings - Mikuláše Kop. - Wroclaw Airport             2500,- CZK

  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings - Frédérica Chopina Airport                          3600,- CZK


  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings - Tuřany - Brno Airport                                      1800,- CZK

  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings - Václava Havla - Prague Airport                 3800,- CZK

  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings - Schwechat - Vienna Airport                       3400,- CZK

  • Orlová, Ostrava and surroundings - M.R.Štefánika - Bratislava Airport          3300,- CZK

  • The price for airport transfer is for 1-2 persons.

  • Every other traveling 100 CZK

  • A maximum of 4 persons can travel in the vehicle.

  • Child seat, cushion FOR FREE.

  • We do not count waiting time, nor boarding tariff.

  • After bringing the vehicle around, we charge a lump sum of 100 – 200 CZK depending on the parking fees of the given airport.